Typically the process for myself when creating a presentation begins with sitting down and writing information into a notebook. From there, I will narrow down what is going to be put into the presentation and what will be discussed. After this I would begin to use PowerPoint, using bullet points on the slides with only key information. As far as visuals I do use pictures that only fit what is being discussed per slide and won’t use a picture if it can’t easily be understood why it’s being used. After reading Presentation Zen, the thing that stood out the most to me was not to start a PowerPoint until the very end of the process. Typically because the most common thing people do is try and create a PowerPoint right away and go from there. The goal I set for myself for this presentation was to have less words on the slides and more information come from myself. The Presentation Zen method is more effective than my original one and I will continue to try and incorporate it into the future.

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