Skier and Snowboarders Heaven

Skier and Snowboarders Heaven

Opening in 1959, Mt. La Crosse has been satisfying skier and snowboarders needs for 58 years. Offering 19 different runs with 3 different chair lifts and a variety of different levels. Mt La Crosse has three beginners, four intermediate, six advanced, and five expert trails. Mt. La Crosse is open weekdays from 10am-9pm and weekends from 9am-9pm. Lift tickets typically cost $53 for ages 6-17, $56 for ages 18-64- and $46 for ages 65 and over with specials throughout the week.

Week Specials:

Sunday: Church Night:

  • Begins at 12:30pm
  • Package costs $25 for skiers and $35 for snowboards both include lift ticket, rentals and a hot dog dinner
  • Time slots last 4-5 hours
  • Ticket without rentals cost $19

Monday: Student Night:

  • From 4-9pm
  • Lift tickets cost $13
  • Lift ticket gets you $5 off rentals
  • Valid student I.D. required

Tuesday: Ladies Day:

  • Goes from 10am-9pm
  • Lift ticket $20
  • Rentals $5 off

Wednesday: Senior Skier Day:

  • From 10am-9pm
  • Ages 65 and up
  • Lift Tickets $20
  • Rentals $5 off

Thursday: Thrifty Thursday:

  • $15 for a ticket
  • Goes from 4pm-9pm

Friday: Corporate Night:

  • Reservation required
  • Goes from 4pm-9pm
  • Can sign up online
  • Lift ticket $15
  • Lift + Ski Rental $24
  • Lift + Snowboard Rental $34

Saturday: CW Family Night:

  • First parent pays $38 for a lift ticket which includes a free ski rental
  • Spouse and children of the same family pay only $8 for a lift ticket and $8 each for ski rentals ($14 for snowboards)
  • Free group lessons offered at 5pm and 6pm for ages 10+

As you can see, if you don’t own any skiing or snowboarding equipment, you can rent all the items needed along with signing up for lessons or joining the Mt. La Crosse team. Unique features of Mt. La Crosse are they have a banquet hall for any occasion, a pro-shop, bar/restaurant, make their own snow every year, have Wisconsin’s longest ski run called Mileway, and one of Mid-America’s steepest trail called Damnation. With the wide range of riding, Mt. La Crosse is set to have something for everyone.

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