What is next for Retail?

What is next for Retail?

Consumers Look at Online

Retail trends are always changing and developing to keep up with consumers interests and demands. The article discussion in this blog is about retailers adding artificial intelligence to their marketing mix and how it is changing shopper’s experiences. According to Cortney Harding who wrote this article, retailers are excited about artificial intelligence because consumers have created a social world built around their phones and cameras. By doing so, consumers are now using their cameras as their key board. With that, retailers say the camera is able to take in more information instead of a text or phone call and consumers now a day are beginning to share images to express how their feel or what they want.

This information opens many possibilities for retailers. Artificial intelligence can help retailers understand potential and current customers likes and interest simply through the images they have looked at online and the social pages they like and follow. For example, a clothing subscription service called Trunk Club is already beginning to try and incorporate artificial intelligence into their business. Their plan is to make their website more personal per customer so when consumers come to their website there are already images and promotions for exact or similar products they seem to enjoy. From this, Trunk Club hopes to reach a point where consumers can insert a picture into a search bar and instead of key search words. Then identical and similar products will appear with prices and nearby stores where you can purchase them from. Overall it will be interesting to see what other companies utilize artificial intelligence and how they decide to do so.

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