Creating a Personal Brand, Being an Individual

Creating a Personal Brand, Being an Individual

In the world of marketing people become fluent in knowing how to promote a product, service, or company. But, how well can they market themselves? More importantly, do they understand where to begin and how to do so? Along side an impressive resume, the ability to market your personal brand is just as crucial as the skills and knowledge written on your resume. You may ask, what is personal branding exactly? Well, personal branding is understanding who you are as an individual, you want to determine your goals, skills, strengths, weakness, and overall the type of person you want to be and seen as. By doing so will then help you showcase your own personal brand.

Personally, this process began for me two years ago now when I first created my own personal website. This allowed me to begin showing my type of personality through the template and formate of my website. Which I feel is a warm and welcoming environment. From here I then began adding samples of my work and blog posts which allow for people to see the type of content I am capable of creating. This process has allowed for me to understand how to maintain a website and create a online resume. Then,┬ájust as company’s and other brands have a statement or slogan representing themselves, personal branding contains a statement that you create and believe strongly represents who you are as an individual. For me mine is as follows; “Obtaining my Associates of Applied Science Degree in Marketing Management, along with a motivated, reliable, and honest personality, I am capable of continuing to grow and adapt, creating a versatile skillset to in order to efficiently accomplishes any marketing related task.” With that, you also want to have an understanding of your own strengths and weakness, by doing a personal SWOT. This allows for you to get a good understanding of what you do well while seeing what areas can use improvement. This was an eye opening experience for me by being able to receive the perspective of myself through others eyes.

Now having an understanding of who you are and want to be as an individual you too can begin creating and growing your own personal brand. Please feel free to browse my website and leave any comments.

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