How, Why, and When, Resume Builders

How, Why, and When, Resume Builders

When the time comes to graduate from college and begin applying for degree related careers, college students want to present the most prestige resume as possibly to potential employers. There are numerous opportunities for college students to accomplish this by building their resume and best time to do so is while stilling attending college. During this time, students can ask to take on more responsibilities at their current job that are related to their degree, students can earn certificates for certain software’s and skills, or lastly take on a project that allows them to showcase their skills and knowledge by creating work that can be shown. The reasoning why the best time for students to do these resume builders is while still in school is the possibility of having more time to devote to these tasks and also then being able to add them to their final resume right after graduation.

During this final semester of college for myself, the resume builder I chose to do was partner with another student in my program (Paige) and create a logo, cover page, and informational advertisement page for Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education (WACTE) and their regional ACTE conference that will be taking place in La Crosse, WI, at Western Technical College. The reasoning behind this project is for two local college students at Western, myself and Paige to create eye catching content for WACTE, showcasing our skills, and being able to expand this project on our resumes.

In the beginning Paige and I worked separately creating as many potential designs as possible to be chosen from. A couple days being showing our work, we met and went over what each has created and decided on what to present. It was during this time we made the decision to show the logos Paige had created and the informational page I had created. During this whole process we were able to use the skills and knowledge we learned in courses taken called Fundamentals of Graphic Design and Marketing Communication. These courses allowed us to create our designs through the software InDesign while knowing how to effectively present the messages to the audience. A few issues we came across were not having the current logo for ACTE right away and trying to neatly and professional fit all the information needed into a single page. To complete this assignment on time, I worked on the task three times a week for two hours at time. This ultimately lead to having three final designs to be chosen from.

From this experience I have gained the pride of having a piece of work that will be shown throughout the state as an advertisement to inform people of an upcoming event to possibly attend. I have also been able to create a relationship with Jim Murray who sent my work to WACTE and now have the possibility of working with him again in the future if needed. Lastly, it was a great experience being able to put the skills and knowledge I have obtained through my program to the test and being able to see a final piece of work created. Attached below are the three designs created by myself.


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