Importance of Social Media

Importance of Social Media

In todays¬†age, social media plays a major role in todays society, making it a must for every business. The best part is, to help ensure you have the best social media platforms out there and that they are being utilized to their full potential, a social media marketing plan can be created. Through this plan you will have a direction for all your platforms. For example, you can set goals such as SMART goals, strategies on how to achieve them, and determine your strengths and weakness and how to improve and on both of these. Also through this plan it will help you achieve a better understanding of your customers, what they like, dislike, and interests. Luckily these won’t have to be determined out of guessing, but through analytics that each platform can provide. Next, you will become more competitive with a strong online presence. This can be accomplished by increasing brand awareness with social media but also being able to communicate more often with customers. These are just a few of multiple benefits of social media and creating a social media marketing plan.

In my experience, my plan was created for the Western Technical College Marketing Programs. For this plan eight different buyer personas were created which consisted of, female and male high school students, transfers students, non-traditional students, then a business professional, and a single parent. The goals of this project focused mainly on brand awareness, increasing traffic, and engagement. My part of the plan was solo focused on the website, so content created for this was blog posts and adjustments made to the platform. Below are two of the four blog posts I created








These posts were created to update the content on the website along with keeping content continually being posted. The goals were also to drive traffic to the website and increase engagement. Overall each posts ended up having fiver user per post and overall increased the amount of website users as a whole.

The skills needed and used through this process was creating engaging content that would spark interest and lead to users researching Westerns Marketing Programs more with hopes of enrolling in one.From the analytics I feel the updated content did well with brining people to the website but the biggest advantage was making adjustments to the website to make it more clean and organized. This was information isn’t repetitive and there are not numerous links and pages on the website.From this website I know have more experience running a website, determining SEO’s, keywords, and blog writing.

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